Bulles d'épices

Bulles d'épices is a protected trademark created by Laurent Doustaly to market his unique creations. Each piece is handmade. 

Bulles d'épices

Creative company specialized on craft wooden spice rack. 

Laurent Doustaly is a French craftsman who likes to work in a traditional way. He is the man of a thousand tricks to tidy up, arrange and decorate his house. Passionate about cooking, he was himself a chef in a traditional French cuisine restaurant for almost 10 years.

In 2012, this handyman had the idea of making a spice rack for himself, as he was faced with the problem of storing spices: the jars were getting mixed up and cluttering up the cupboards. Curious and inventive, he put into practice all his ideas and imagination to facilitate and decorate his home.

While making his first spice shelves, his friends and family loved his creations and ordered a few models, Bulles d'épices was born!

Quickly thanks to the internet, the orders arrive from all over the world and attest the success of her shelves. Her creations, entirely handmade with environmentally friendly materials, are now being sold all over the world and her wooden spice racks fit in every kitchen.

Made in a vintage, Provencal and retro style, the wooden spice rack collection brings a touch of authenticity to your kitchens and makes it easy to use all your spices.

Easy to clean and use, the bubbles are made of glass and the corks are made of cork and wood. Labels allow you to name their containers.

A spice cabinet that can also receive bottles and jars according to your desires.

Made to order, each piece of furniture is a unique model, hand-crafted. After choosing the size and color, the number of bubbles, bottles, jars and drawers... all that's left to do is to install it and become a flavor alchemist!

I am passionate about craftsmanship. I like to create with my hands beautiful pieces that are useful and pleasant to use. .”


Laurent Doustaly in his studio





View of the Spice Bubble workshop

One secret to our success? We love create authentique piece.