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Spice rack 15 bubbles + oil, blue patina



Spice rack 15 bubbles + oil, blue patina

Height: 50 cm,

Width: 50 cm,

Depth: 10 cm

Four drawers

sold with 15 empty bubbles

2 bottles of 250 ml

2 jars of 106 ml

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Spice rack 15 bubbles + oil, Blue Patina

Sold with:

15 Empty glass bubbles and 15 corks + 15 blank labels

2 bottles of 250 ml

2 jars of 106 ml

Practical, with hand-spiced spices, transform yourself into an alchemy of flavors!

Provencal style & retro this furniture spice will bring a touch of decor to your kitchen and will give you the desire to cook some exotic delights. a gift idea, Original!
the bubbles are in glass and their capacity varies according to the density of the spices.

(15 g of Provence herbs or 45 g of paprika).

To give you an example, a bubble can contain a Ducro style bottle.

Spices such as: star anise, nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon do not enter the bubbles.

A bubble is 57 mm in diameter and 9 cm in height.

The closure is made with a cork top surmounted by a wood head.

I bring a very particular care to the packing of my shelves, to date I never had problems on the expeditions.
each bubble is wrapped in bubble wrap and I protect it with old newspapers and recycled cardboard.



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